Why WE Health Project could be useful for entrepreneurs women in healthcare?

Meet Séverine Le Loarne from l’École de Management de Grénoble, who tell us how WE Health Poject helps to bring knowlegde and make networking between thetop innovators women in health care. These were her statements at the last 3 days workshop, «WEHealth Capacity Building Program» wich took place in Barcelona.

– Why do you think projects like WE Health are necessary at European level?

«Well, I think that the We Health Project is really important, because 70% of the workforce of the health sectors is composed by women, but surprisingly enough, just 8% of the top managements are women, so basically we need to promote the impact of women so they have the power to take their own decisions for the health sectors, but they also have the power to create their own venture to impact the health sectors and the global economy.

– Can you tell us what motivated you to participate at the third module: «WEHealth Capacity Building Program»?

I’m head of the research Chair Women on Economical Renewal at Grenoble Ecole de Management, so my school is completely devoted to implement things to promote the health sectors, and as head of chair, my job is also to promote women entrepreneurship among these health sectors. So on the practical level, what we are doing for the We Health Project, we’ve been collaborating for two years, and we are organising one specific event to up women to develop their own network, but also to think the rules of their companies. That’s the first keystone, the second keystone is composed of doing research so, for the time being, we are developing and implementing an observatory of work models for these women. When we have policies that claim that we should bring more models to up these women, we still don’t know about this, so we ask women what are their work models, who inspired them, and therefore we will be capable of implementing real and interesting and useful and impact full solutions for them.»