Hacking Female Health supported by WE Health

The Hacking Health Hackathon addressing the topic of Female Health took place from the 2nd to the 4th of November in Berlin.

In September 1995, countries gathered in Bejing for the 4th World Congress for women, organised by the World Health Organization (WHO). The outcome of this meeting was the Beijing Declaration, a resolution adopted by the UN to promote equality and the empowerment of women.

The word health is mentioned four times in the declaration, emphasising the correlation of access to equal health care and the ability to manage one’s own reproductive health, to equality and female empowerment.

So how can we raise awareness of the inequality that now exists in Europe? WE Health, an initiative to empower women entrepreneurs in health innovation, in order to create a more equal healthcare industry, participated in a Hacking Health hackathon in Berlin focusing on women’s health. WE Health provided mentors to the teams and members of the jury.

Hacking Health is a global movement to improve healthcare by breaking down barriers to innovation. This was the first time the hackathon “Hacking for Health” had received so many female participants. 75% of the “hackers” were women, underlining the importance of such events.

The challenges were associated with different aspects of women’s health, such as breast cancer, endometriosis, urinary tract infections, mental health, and geriatric medicine; with each team free to pick their challenge. The winning team was PeriPower – “The next generation of disposable adult incontinence briefs with embedded sensor layer in combination with an adaptive bedside communication”.

Events of this kind are crucial to helping raise awareness of issues related to women’s health, and giving women health entrepreneurs platforms to meet and practice their skills while growing their networks. The WE Health team was delighted to have formed part of this event.

For more insights into the event and to explore the winning teams in more detail visit Hacking Health Berlin on Facebook or Twitter.